The Benefits of Using Qualified Temporary Staff to Solve Temporary Staffing Shortages

Many business owners find that their staffing needs fluctuate. There are many reasons for this. For example, landscaping and outdoor construction are often seasonal businesses. Sometimes this is due to weather, and other times this is due to customer demand. Accounting companies often find that they need additional staff during tax season. In another example, owners of retail stores often need temporary help during the holiday season. Advertising for, and hiring temporary staff, is one option but handling the human resources and tax issues can be difficult. This is why many business owners decide to use Resource Employment staffing agencies to find qualified temporary help.


One of the primary benefits of using a temporary agency is that it saves time. It takes a lot of work to place ads in newspapers and on online job search websites. Then, once that task is complete, the business owner must review applications, take resumes, and interview potential clients. This is all time taken away from other important tasks. By using an agency, business owners and managers submit their requirements to the temporary agency which then takes on all of the responsibilities of recruiting and screening potential new hires. The business owner simply does the final interviewing and approves the final hiring decision.

Another reason managers rely on staffing agencies to find temporary help is to avoid wasting time on complicated human resource issues. Because temporary staff is technically employed by the agency, and not the business. It is the agency that must do the required paperwork and legwork to do the following:

Verify the candidate’s right to work in the United States
Check personal and professional references
Perform background checks
Verify social security number and drivers license information
Verify educational and job history

Finally, in addition to these tasks, payroll is also the responsibility of the temporary agency. This begins with ensuring that the temporary staff member fills out a w-9 form and ensuring that state, federal, and other payroll taxes are deducted from each paycheck. Payroll responsibilities also include ensuring that any garnishments are handled properly, and that all of the necessary payments, and data are forwarded to the proper agencies.


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